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15 Things to give up to be happy!

A great read. It really shows how we can shoot our own selves in the foot on a regular basis. Things we already know just put side by side and brought to life. Enjoy…


Well done…

Change is a good thing. Often times we run from it when in all actuality our lives would be so much more fulfilled if we ran toward it. We have been missing in action for quite some time and while it hurt to be away for so long, it feels good to know that we did a little changing too. When there is growth there is change and vision becomes transformed as well. Happily, we can say the GEMINI vision has been tweaked a bit.

The vision for the publication has always been to inform plus size women on how to improve their life through simple solutions. Luckily, for those who enjoy that type of material, we are keeping with that tradition, but our latest vision is to take a step beyond the fashion, the parties, and the pretty pictures and provide a comfortable place for women to voice their…

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